The Whittlestone story began in 1967 when Dr. Walter Whittlestone, a noted scientist and lactation physiologist from New Zealand, recognized a need for a comfortable and painless alternative to "suction style" breast pumps.

He developed an entirely new device called an "Expresser" which used a gentle massaging action, called Pulsation, in combination with One-Way airflow, to more naturally express milk from the breast. The Expresser's revolutionary breast cups incorporated ultra-soft liners that gently and rhythmically massaged the breast to stimulate milk flow.

In 1998, a U.S. based research group brought the Expressers to America for examination by selected lactation consultants and biomedical engineers. The Expressers were judged to be vastly superior to any "suction style" breast pump currently available.

Dr. Whittlestone's original design has been re-engineered in the U.S. to satisfy and surpass the ergonomic requirements of the modern market. Whittlestone, Inc. is now making this revolutionary technology available to mothers around the world.

The ultimate in comfort, the Whittlestone SoftAireTM Manual Expresser is the only breastmilk expression device with Pulsation and One-way airflow, which makes SoftAire the product of choice for mothers and lactation professionals who insist on the very best in support of lactation.