Whittlestone Breast Expresser


The ultimate in comfort and state-of-the-art technology, our breast expresser differs from all other breast pumps as it offers the innovative Whittlestone express cup design and function. It also offers hospital grade dependability and performance with the convenience of a carrying bag for mothers "on-the-go". Included are 4 additional milk storage bottles, 2 milk storage cooler packs, 2 Express Kits, an instructional video and manual. Weighing approximately 7 pounds, our breast expresser is easy to carry, easy to use, has a 3-year warranty and is powered by a 110/220 VAC, 24V power supply.

The Whittlestone Breast Expresser is ideal for long or short-term use. Available to mothers for rent or purchase. This is an unprecedented offering in breast expression! Whittlestone provides you the opportunity to no longer compromise on comfort and effectiveness based on economic considerations. Comfort, efficiency and performance at the breast are the same whether you use the Whittlestone Breast Expresser or the Hospital Expresser version!

Whittlestone Double Collection Kit™

Includes 2 Express Kits (an Express Kit consist of a bottle, connector, filter cap, washers, and express cup), vacuum-pulsation tubing, single express adaptor, 2 bottle holders/cup covers, extra washer, cleaning brush and instructions.

Whittlestone Carrying Bag

Custom design encloses all Expresser components. Soft sided, with heavy-duty zippers for added strength. Large accessory pockets inside and out. 2 cooler packs and a comfortable shoulder strap also included.

Milk Collection Bottles


4-pack of milk collection bottles with caps, 5.5oz. capacity.

Milk Storage Bags


Sterile, 6oz. capacity with unique puncture-resistant twist ties. Available in quantities of 20 and 50.