"I would like to make comment on the Whittlestone product. I am a registered nurse with the majority of my nursing experience specific to the NICU. For the last nine years I have been directly involved in breastfeeding education, providing basic breastfeeding education to the nursing staff in Southwest Missouri. In 2000-2001 I was contracted by the State of Missouri to provide a two day seminar on lactation to each district health agency, their employees, and area WIC agencies. Currently, I am a practicing Lactation Consultant working for two hospitals and a local WIC agency. This provides me with inpatient and outpatient clinical experience with lactating mothers. In addition, I am a mother of three and currently lactating. My statement regarding this product is simple. We re looking at apples and oranges. In practice, I am always doing research and keeping an eye on what is available for clients. I found the Whittlestone product, did some homework, and eventually was able to trial the expresser. Critically minded, I found the expresser effective, and without question, unlike any pump I've trialed. As a Lactation Consultant and Mother, when looking at pumps I try and keep three things in mind: Comfort, Speed, and Volume. I believe that the Whittlestone product has raised the bar. Based on research, education, and experience, I believe the Whittlestone Expresser is unique, unlike any product currently on the market, and can provide specific advantages to lactating mothers. My goals mirror those of the American Academy of Pediatrics, to protect, promote, and preserve breastfeeding as the preferred method of infant feeding."
- Becky Cave RN, BSN, IBCLC, Nixa, MO

"The results of the Engorgement Trial are extremely significant. In my professional judgment, no breast pump could have matched these results. Witnessing mothers, in severe pain and distress, literally giggle with relief at seeing milk transfer for the first time without any pain spoke volumes that the Whittlestone is a truly revolutionary and wonderful new tool in the initiation of lactation."
- Jimi Francis Morrill, IBCLC, BS, MS, PhD Candidate

I have been trialing the Whittlestone Breast expresser with clients in the Breastfeeding Clinic here at Meriter Hospital. All have reported that it is very similar to how a baby feels when breastfeeding. All of these women have used other breast pumps so they know what the other breast pumps feel like. Every woman that tried the Whittlestone inquired about where they could get it. The Whittlestone is a welcome addition to the breast pump (or in Whittlestone terminology--breast expresser) market. We are awaiting the arrival of the Hospital-grade version of the Whittlestone to trial with our Special Care Nursery mothers.
- Cathy Szudy RNC, IBCLC, CNM, Madison, WI
PS: My daughter will only pump with the Whittlestone. She has another brand that she will not use since I got the Whittlestone for her.

"Thank you Whittlestone for making a pump that doesn't hurt! I used a different pump* for my first baby 3 years ago and always had pain to some degree, but I bit my lip because I was committed to give my baby breastmilk. I just had my second and WOW, what a difference. My baby gave me a very painful cracked nipple on my right side because he is a very aggressive nurser. With the Whittlestone, I was able to get milk from that breast that NO WAY would I have used my other pump* because of its painful tugging action. In fact, I was able to heal in just 4 days because I didn't have to nurse on that side and used the Expresser to stimulate my milk. After using both machines, I choose the Whittlestone Expresser hands down! I don't know why anyone would use anything else!"
- Lisa S., Danville, CA

"I enjoyed using the Whittlestone Breast Expresser...I have a high milk supply and sensitivity to other breast pumps, even hospital grade, on the lowest setting would still cause my nipples to bleed. I pumped every day for 10 days sometimes 3 times a day with the Whittlestone and not once did I have any problems with cracked or bleeding nipples caused by pumping. It is a dream machine for those of us who have problematic nipples. It did take me a little extra time to pump, however, it was well worth not having to deal with the pain. Better to sacrifice a little time than to sacrifice your nipples! I used to dread pumping, but with the Whittlestone, I could pump a full year's supply and not worry about pain or cracking."
- Kimberlee L., Colorado Springs, CO

"I gave birth to my second child on December 23rd and started using the Whittlestone Expresser just after the first of the year. I now "double express" twice a day after feedings and get 6 ounces of milk in about 7 minutes. I got similar results from my other pump* two years ago with my first child, however it took me a week to get used to the pain from the tugging on my nipples. Even after I got used to the pain of the pump*, it was still uncomfortable for the first 20-30 seconds of each session. You don't have to get used to the Expresser!! With the Whittlestone, I let down right away because it is so comfortable.
- Emily C., Walnut Creek, CA

"I've been using the Expresser for a week now and I think it's fabulous! I generally get 3.5-5.5 ounces in 15-20 minutes, depending on what time of day I'm pumping. I would say the average is 4 ounces in 15 minutes. Thank you!"
- Janie G., Lafayette, IN

"Just a quick note about your awesome Expresser! I have been using my Expresser now for 7 months and absolutely love it!! It's easy to operate, easy to clean, extremely comfortable, and fun to use!! The other thing I wanted to tell you was that a few weeks ago I had the UNFORTUATE opportunity to use a manual pump*. I had never used anything besides the Whittlestone before - was I ever mortified! I couldn't believe the difference! The pump* literally sucks your nipple down the tube. It was extremely painful. Even worse, the nipple wasn't the only thing that was sore. I had sore spots on other parts of my breasts that felt like clogged ducts. I appreciate the comfort of Whittlestone much more than ever! Thank you to everyone at Whittlestone and keep up the great work!"
- Naomi G., Huntington Beach, CA

"I have previously used a handheld pump* and electric pump*. The Whittlestone Expresser is fantastic! It's so quick and easy and comfortable. I think it's just wonderful. I love how I don't have to take everything out of the case to use it - just plug it in.
- Linda W., Seattle, WA

"I started with two other pump* brands for approximately 6 weeks. I did not like the pain, so my LC suggested I rent a Whittlestone. After renting it for a week, I bought one. I have been expressing with the Whittlestone for 4 weeks now and get more milk from the Whittlestone than other pumps*. With the pump*, I was getting 4 oz per side. At first, the Whittlestone got less milk than the pump*. But after 4-5 days, I now get 5-6 oz per side. I am very impressed with the Whittlestone and like it a lot better because it doesn't pull as much as the pump* does".
- Julie D., San Jose, CA

"I purchased a Whittlestone Breast Expresser about a week ago after using the pump* for almost a year. I saw an ad in a magazine for the Expresser and after much thought decided to go ahead and purchase one. We are expecting our second child in August and I wanted to try something less harsh this time. With the pump*, I was getting about four ounces on each side and was happy with this, but not with the way it felt. When I first began using the Expresser, I doubted that I would have the same type of results due to the amount of suction compared to the pump*, however, after using the Expresser for about four days, the amount I was pumping started to increase and I am now getting the same amount or a little more than with the pump*. The Whittlestone is by far the best expresser that I have ever used and would recommend it to anyone. The comfort and way that it mimics a baby's sucking is by far the best I have seen."
- Heather F., Trafalgar, IN

"I find the Whittlestone Expresser to be very comfortable and non-threatening. The other pump* made my nipples red as well as some of the breast tissue was blanched at the end of a pumping session. The Whittlestone pump feels much more natural than the pump*. It is more gentle and comfortable on the nipples and feels like my baby's mouth. It is easier to relax using the Whittlestone and more pleasurable to use then the pump*."
- Karen H., San Diego, CA

"I read about your beast expresser in a magazine several months ago. I thought it was a great idea from using other breast pumps on the market today. At the time I was using the top sellers' hand pump, and had also purchased an electric one that was difficult to use. I was not looking to spend any more money, but when I was not getting good results I decided to buy the top electric on the market. When I entered the baby store, the Expresser was displayed and when I was able to see how it worked, I was very impressed. Because of my disappointments in the past, I was still skeptical to purchase it. After thinking about it for a while, I finally purchased it hoping that it was the right one for me. I literally just tested it out and I love it!! It does everything you said it would. I am so happy to finally enjoy my time expressing my milk when I'm away from my baby. It doesn't feel like a chore any longer. It feels natural!!"
- Tammy W., Englewood, NJ

"I had my baby 4 weeks premature. I used another pump* in the Hospital for 2 days. When I used the Whittlestone, it was more comfortable and just as effective as the pump*. In fact, I was having some problems with one breast feeling "lumpy, overfull" and the Expresser did a better job of emptying it than the pump*. The Whittlestone softened things up and got things to improve. The Expresser works great!"
- Jennifer B., Santa Rosa, CA

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to try the NEW breast expresser. It is amazing - I can get 5 to 7 oz. in about 6 or 7 minutes. I thought the first version was great, but this new one is incredible! I will be sending you back the old one soon. Thanks again!
- Megan R., Briar, WA

"My nipples were very sore from breastfeeding as well as using the pump*. My LC said my nipples were some of the worst she had ever seen. She advised me to STOP breastfeeding so I could heal, however she suggested I try the Whittlestone to get my milk out because it is very gentle. My first response was ' Wow! This feels so comfortable!' Two days later my nipples looked as if nothing had ever been wrong and my baby went back to the breast."
- Monica J., Daly City, CA

"After breastfeeding each of my four children, I have encountered thepain of mastitis with each child. The medical response has always been, "You need to express your breast regularly," but the pain was always extremely poignant. All the pumps I had tried always pulled extremely hard, and failed to pull out much milk. The pain just wasn't worth it. However, with the Expresser, I am now able to pump much more successfully, and without all of the pain that mastitis and other pumps caused. Its sucking action feels incredibly similar to the baby's own sucking motion, but without the occasional biting. The pump and accessories are easy to use, clean, and pack up."
- Linda L., Rio Linda, CA

"I enjoyed using the Whittlestone Breast Pump. It was so much more gentle than the previous breast pumps I had used. The breast pumps I had used before were uncomfortable and they actually hurt. The suction on the Whittlestone was unbelievably soft and gentle. The fact that its dual action is even that more great. I'd recommend the Whittlestone to any breastfeeding mother."
- Amzette A., Denver, CO

"I am a new mom all over again. My two older children are 18 and 20. I nursed them each for about 4 months, but stopped when I returned to work and expressing the milk became too tedious, time consuming, painful and messy. I'm faced with returning to work again soon and I did not want to have to stop nursing. I purchased a popular manual pump and had poor results. All the memories of frustrations past came home again. Even after all that, I took the plunge and bought a Whittlestone Expresser because I was told it was the MOST comfortable pump available. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. The Expresser is easy to assemble and extremely easy and comfortable to use. It feels much more like having my baby nurse. I know the investment will be worth it! Thank you for a wonderful product."
- Julie C., Sacramento, CA

"I have been very happy with my Whittlestone. I had some breastfeeding challenges in the beginning and having a comfortable pump made things so much easier. It has been very effective and has traveled well when I went back to work. It has been the best purchase and a mandatory one for any new mother. Thank you for making such a comfortable breast pump."
- Gina H., Burbank, CA

"Whittlestone - Excellent quality breast pump! NO WAY would I ever use any other pump on the market. My Whittlestone is completely painless and very comfortable. I recommend the Whittlestone Expresser to all my friends."
- Jayme J., Tracy, CA

* manufacturer name withheld